We have all heard the phrase “a great idea is nothing without proper execution.” Execution includes many factors, but working together and resolving issues quickly is vital to growing your startup; a broken team will work inefficiently and can potentially lead to the failure of the company.

Use these 4 steps to manage conflict in your startup and be the team that executes the billion dollar idea:

1. Step up to conflict

Founders and startup employees should approach connecting over conflict as an opportunity for creating a better situation going forward. Ignoring the conflict almost always creates a more difficult situation than dealing with it immediately. 

2. Read the situation quickly

Startup leaders must read the situation quickly, assess the critical elements of the conflict, understand the personalities involved, evaluate the impact on the startup, and figure out an effective resolution.

3. Focused listening 

Focused listening is another way of saying that startup leaders ask meaningful and penetrating questions and then are willing to listen and understand the answers to characterize the cause of the conflict. 

4. Create a win-win agreement

The final step is creating a win-win agreement that allow each party to feel like they were treated fairly even though neither party gets everything they wanted. Successfully managing conflict is not creating winners and losers but creating winners and winners so that each party feels they can move forward with what they accomplished in resolving the conflict. This is a tough step for everyone but the goal is to find a win-win solution that allows the team to return their focus back to the challenge of being a startup.

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