Entrepreneurs are those that see a problem and take the opportunity to make it better. They are always analyzing different processes in our world and finding ways to make them more efficient.  But how can parents instill this mindset in their children from a young age? Parents need to encourage their kids to be curious as from it stems all innovation.

Curiosity is in our DNA. From our history of evolution to how we adapt to changes around us. It’s not an option to force it. It’s fun and necessary to do but in modern society we have forgotten how because life has become easy and many people don’t believe it’s necessary. Further, many people avoid being curious because it can be difficult. And most concerning, formal education beats the curiosity out of our children by demanding them to provide answers rather than to ask questions.

This is how you can encourage curiosity in your kids:

  1. Recognize that curiosity is how our children connect with the world. It’s the first step in the learning process and begins as early as two months old, where our children will point to things that they want to learn about.
  2. It’s most important not to ignore your children when they point to something. Critically, parents are the source of knowledge about the child’s world, especially early in their life, so it’s the parents’ job to help them understand what the child is observing.
  3. Make your home a “curiosity-friendly environment,” so that questions are desirable while patiently looking for teachable moments to share your knowledge with your children.
  4. Show them you’re willing and excited about helping your children in becoming curious without having to become their “buddies.” Parents must always remain parents.

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