A startup needs to function as a healthy workspace to be successful. Conflicts, big and small, will always occur but can’t be allowed to linger. One conflict in a small company can lead to a snowball effect leading to bigger and bigger problems. Tackling the problem early on is necessary. However, not many people know how to appropriately deal with conflict. One of the biggest factors to a beneficial resolution is knowing how to properly engage the people in conflict.

Here are 5 steps to reducing conflict by engaging the people:

1. Know the person’s optimal, most-effective time of day, and work circumstance so a conversation can be productive.

  • If the person is a “morning person” then meeting in the morning can be desirable. However, what if you’re not a “morning person?” It’s normally best to advantage the other person since you can better manage the disadvantage than perhaps they can.

2. Understand other commitments or events the person may have going on in their lives at the moment or in the workplace before or after the conversation. For instance:

    • Do they have an important report or presentation to prepare?
    • Is there something significant occurring in their personal life?
    • Are they near an important milestone good or bad like a birthday, loss of a loved one, and so on?

3. Create a conflict resolution team. Whether you meet with the person alone or include another involved employee, a content expert,  or a neutral third-party observer, include the people needed to resolve the issue. Don’t assume you need to deal with the conflict alone, although this is a common assumption.

4. Identify truth versus partially accurate opinions using content experts. Focus on facts and data to ensure the truth is discussed.

5. Define the role for everyone involved in the conflict resolution. The value of involving others is they can facilitate a successful outcome, but you must have a specific role for them to play. A useful role to include is that of observer. If an undesired outcome occurs, then an observer is highly helpful in doing a post-engagement analysis for suggesting next steps.

These five steps are a good framework for your startup to use for effective, quick, and satisfactory conflict resolution.

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