A Tale of a Founder’s (and Investor’s) Nightmare: Not a Fairy Tale

You’re an aspiring entrepreneur and have just recognized a major change in the market that you have a unique response to yielding a substantial business opportunity. It’s your “dream come true” but then you discover another firm has also observed this opportunity and is commercializing something very much like your idea. Worse, they’ve also filed a provisional patent and now “your idea” is no longer yours.

You wonder “how can this be?”

Well, it is very common that great opportunities are often observed by more than one person concurrently leading to the same response. In a phrase you’ve been “scooped.” Now, what? This situation is avoidable if the Founder develops and deploys an effective intellectual property strategy as they’re developing their ideas and offerings. However, intellectual property often occupies a place of secondary importance, if even that, until a Founder has been “scooped.”

The best way to avoid this outcome is to place intellectual property at the forefront of developing your business and offerings so the intellectual property strategy is an integral part of the overall business strategy. However, this is easier said than done since intellectual property is not taught as part of a normal educational experience and therefore is missing from most Founders “tool kits.”

VentureForge, LLC has solved for this by introducing a complete and easy to use treatise on what intellectual property management involves and how it can be applied easily and effectively by any Founder and their team. The Founder is uniquely responsible for intellectual property strategy, with help from legal professionals, employees involved with developing and commercializing the offerings and anyone contributing to the future value of the offerings so the VentureForge, LLC courses are meant for Founders first.

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