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Leveraging Intellectual Property: A Handbook for Startups 
Stephen (Steve) A. Di Biase

Intellectual property, while critically important to startups, is often not high on the Founders agenda and can be lost in the chaos of other activities. My intent in preparing this workshop is to help any startup Founder, and their leadership team, “fit in” IP using a well-honed approach that protects their firm from losing their early successes to fast followers. To accomplish this, I’ve curated the enormous amount of fragmented information into a useful form by applying my 40 years of real world experience in developing IP strategies. I’ll begin by considering IP from two frameworks: What is “fractal” – the same for all startups, and what’s more situational to the firm’s business. These situational elements often require the help of an “IP Master” who guides the development of the IP Strategy. The workshop will consider the fractal elements in detail while offering suggestions on how to find “IP Masters.”

– Become acquainted with the kinds of IP available to the Firm such as patents, trade secrets, know-how, copy rights, trade marks etc and when and how to use them effectively.
– Understand various kinds of agreements for protecting the Firm’s IP such as Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs), Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), joint development agreements (JDAs) etc.
– Become familiar for using patents as the cornerstone of the IP strategy.
– Be exposed to proven IP management processes and the roles played by various parts of the Firm (e.g., sales, marketing, R&D, manufacturing etc.).
— Recognize when to select the various kinds of IP strategies (e.g., aggressive, assertive, passive etc.) employed in context to external variables impacting the business.
— Share tactics for beating the competition using the Firm’s IP strategies with minicase study examples.
— Review the Natural Light Labeling IP strategy as a complete case study.
— Understand the value of “IP Masters” externally sourced or found within the Firm.