On July 26, 2016

Dr.Stephen (Steve) A. Di Biase was a guest speaker at the
Glass Manufacturing Industry Council’s (GMIC) executive committee meeting
where he was requested to offer some tips on how a person can become more
innovative. Steve focused on the “10 Keys to Unlock Your Innovative Self”
available from Amazon, or VentureForge.co,: It can also be purchased as part of an upcoming
online series of courses on innovation.

Steve emphasized successful innovators all have 2 skills in common:
a mature sense of curiosity and a nuanced appreciation of the power of
effective inquiry – asking good questions the correct way.

Building on these cornerstones converts innovative behaviors, from
something mysterious, into a discipline that can be taught, learned and
mastered, like riding a bicycle.

Feedback from the presentation was uniformly positive, as conveyed by Bob
Lipetz, the Executive Director of the GMIC, who said:

“The board loved your talk. Thanks for sharing with us. Thanks for the
books, too.”

You can read about becoming more innovative by visiting our site www.ventureforge.co.