If you’re a startup Investor or run an accelerator or incubator do your Founders have a solid IP strategy? If they don’t, you haven’t minimized your investment risk. Dr. Stephen Di Biase’s recent book, “Intellectual Property Strategy: A Handbook for Startups” is now available.

VentureForge University will soon be launching it’s first course on May 1st using the book as the foundation for the syllabus. If you’re an accelerator, incubator, or Investor contact us to help your Founders create an IP strategy. Hint: It isn’t just copyrights, patents, and trademarks.

If you’re a Founder than you better have an IP strategy. Just like you don’t have a plumber design your kitchen, you don’t hire a lawyer to design your IP strategy. That’s your job. Lawyers are key resources but you better be driving the strategy. Don’t wait until your potential Investors start grilling you on your IP strategy. Be the only one they’re talking to that has one. Get that funding!!

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