Remaining Relevant:  Effective Continuing Education

Important questions employees need to answer, for themselves, in today’s business world are:

  1. Do employees need continuing education, education past their formal schooling, to remain relevant to their employers and the market generally? Assuming the answer is yes, then why and in what form, does this education take?
  2. What constitutes an effective source of continuing education considering quality, cost, impact over time etc.?
  3. Where to I obtain this kind of education?
  4. How will I access this continuing education in both an effective and efficient manner?
  5. How much will this cost me or my firm?
  6. What should the employee and firm do?

Obviously, this list of questions can be much larger but as a starting point, this helps the “perpetual student”, something every employee must accept this new reality.

Learn the answers to these questions by visiting the link below.