Parenting is a full-time job and a “contact sport.” In order to successfully raise children, parents need to be innovative themselves and then actively engage the children in teaching them their innovative behaviors. This is easier than it seems because children are already innovators from birth and are taught how not to be innovative in school. So what’s the secret?

  1. First show them how to be observant. We all learn better by being shown how to do something than being told how to do something. Showing them how you observe the world around you will help them learn how to observe the world around them.
  2. Next, teach them how to ask open ended questions that lead to answers that are not simple yes or no answers. These answers help your children teach themselves about what they’re observing in life.
  3. Finally, help them be disciplined, which involves them carefully managing their behavior while they’re observing the world around them.
    • An example is teaching them how to recall what they’re observing by showing them a picture and then after a few seconds asking them what they saw. This educates their mind to recall what they’re observing so it can be considered later on as new experiences are added to their memories. Often the greatest innovations occur when observations from different experiences are combined. This is called “having a hunch.”

The secret is that everyone is born innovative, but it is the job of parents to harness this curiosity and innovation in their children.

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