Einstein once said “The scientific method demands you understand an observation. Evidence of this understanding is you can explain the observation easily and simply.”  The scientific method is proven and is easy for children to learn and use. This teaches them to be systematic about becoming more innovative. It readily aligns with their learning styles and most importantly is intuitive with how the human mind operates. Inquiry is the basis of the scientific method and becomes the glue for being innovative.

Three reasons the scientific method works to create innovative children:

  1. Encourages observation, curiosity, imagination, and effective inquiry. It is a proven problem solving method
  2. Enables recognition and identification of the gap between the present and future state created by a change force helping in developing concepts for responding with prototype answers and encouraging ongoing learning by repeating the process.
  3. Enables successful observations allowing understanding of the observations while formulating responses leading to solutions, or innovations.

How do you do this with your children? Encourage your children to use this method for understanding change. Teach them to ask good questions and how to listen to, and understand, the answers.

The scientific method is easy for anyone to use because it aligns with our curiosity, and the more your children learn to intuitively use the method, the easier they’ll find solving problems of all kinds. Children will naturally gain the confidence to deal with the unknown because they have a process to help them understand the unknown by comparing it to something they already know. 

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