Why bother with Intellectual Property (IP) when there is so much else to do?

Founder’s Point of View

  • Theft prevention
    • Protects the Firm’s most valuable assets using “The Rule of Law.”
  • Signals quality.
    • Facilitates access to financing and helps startups overcome the liabilities of newness.
  • Boosts market share.
    • 90 percent of the world’s smartphone makers license the same patented technology.
  • Basis of billion dollars firms such as:
    • Dropbox’s network folder synchronization patent.
    • Zynga’s asynchronous challenge gaming patent.
    • Square’s patented system and method for decoding swipe card signals.
    • GoPro’s patented harness system for attaching a camera to a user, and of course.
    • Google’s breathtakingly valuable original “PageRank patent.”
  • Reduce legal time and costs securing Freedom to Operate opinions.
  • Avoid distracting the Founder, and the leadership team, trying to secure the firm’s future.
    • Frivolous litigation by competitors and third parties will consume limited resources better used elsewhere.
    • A missing Intellectual Property strategy, or one poorly executed, diminishes the firm’s future potential by not anticipating market and customer needs to be protected.