A critical marketing question of any online course is:

Why pay money taking an online course when you can buy the books on the topic and learn by reading them?

The answer is:

Concurrently utilizing multiple learning methods increases the person’s retention ability for any given material. The Venture Forge online courses intentionally using at least 3 learning methods for facilitating the student’s retention by using  information from the online material compared to simply reading a text.

While many people find learning to be rewarding, some will tell you that it’s just plain stressful at times. What are the best ways to learn? Do the methods and techniques vary across subject matter? For example, it’s unlikely you would you use the same approach to learning how to tie your shoes as you would be learning abstract concepts?

There is no fool-proof way of how to learn. The good news is there are several methods and techniques you can use to make the time spent learning, or getting educated, more productive. Before you dedicate yourself to a learning method, figure out how you learn best. From there, you can choose the method(s) and techniques that are right for you. You will be surprised how fast you can learn something once you recognize and adopt your own learning style.

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Disclaimer – Legal Information Is Not Legal Advice

This course provides information related to the law and lawyers designed to help students learn about intellectual property strategy and their potential legal needs. This course does not provide legal advice and VentureForge, LLC is not a law firm. We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice. Although we go to great lengths to make sure our information is accurate and useful, we recommend you find and consult an appropriate lawyer for your intellectual property legal needs.