What are we selling and why they should buy it?

Intellectual property is a critical element of every firm’s valuation which strongly suggests that the firm have a methodology for diagnosing its intellectual property condition and responding to it appropriately.

A question every business leader should ask is:

How does your firm manage and utilize Intellectual Property (IP)?

VentureForge offers online courses blending theoretical considerations, with deep real world experiences, yielding an approach any firm can employ as they align their IP strategies with their business context. Our method recognizes both the “fractal” elements of an effective IP strategy – elements that are the same for every business context – with those that are very situational to the Firm based on how it responds to its business context. Combining what’s fractal with what’s situational leads to a strategy that yields a unique competitive advantage.

The course includes a 3.5-hour lecture on IP Strategy, a 1.5 hour IP strategy diagnostic course, and three e-books. The e-books included are supplemental course notes for the two classes, and a copy of The VentureForge Way.” This last text reviews our approach to business development and growing the revenue of new investments. Merging IP strategies with a proven approach to generating revenues gives the executive a strong starting point for sustaining their firm. The course is to be “self-administered” so the student learns at their own pace reviewing the material indefinitely.

In this course you will learn:

  • Become acquainted with the kinds of IP available to the Firm, and the various kinds of agreements for protecting the Firm’s IP.
  • Become familiar using patents as the cornerstone of the IP strategy.
  • Be exposed to proven IP management processes and the roles played by various parts of the Firm (e.g., sales, marketing, R&D, manufacturing etc.).
  • Learn to recognize when to select the various kinds of IP strategies (e.g., aggressive, assertive, passive etc.) employed in context to external variables impacting the business.
  • Gain knowledge of tactics for beating the competition using the Firm’s IP strategies with mini-case study examples while reviewing three complete case studies.
  • Understand the value of “IP Masters” externally sourced or found within the Firm.
  • Obtain a list of hyperlinked curated references for additional evaluation.

How does this course benefit me or my firm?

  • Startup Founders use IP Strategies preventing theft of assets, especially from fast followers. IP can signal quality leading to more financing options while helping capture market share.
  • Investors share IP knowledge to mitigate the high risk common with pre-revenue ventures where their investments can be lost to competitors.
  • Technology professionals benefit by recognizing the criticality of IP and how sharing know-how increases the probability of creating value.
  • IP Attorneys use IP strategies in their IP law practices for creating significant advantages for their clients.

What does it cost and how do I access it?

Currently, there are two-course options that are priced at $199 each: A 3 ½ hour intellectual property course and a 1 ½ hour intellectual property diagnostic course. There is also a bundle that includes both courses and The VentureForge Way eBook for $299. Discounts are available for “lead users” who sign-up by August 31st. 

To access the course go to:

  1. university@ventureforge.co 
  2. Click to enroll on the desired course or bundle.
  3. A prompt to sign up will appear to create an account.
  4. After an account is created the payment page will appear. Fill out the necessary information.
  5. Click on enroll.
  6. Enjoy the course!

Why are we qualified?


David Collette has experienced the roller coaster ride of being an early stage Founder and worked as a professional Manager within the process and structure of multinational corporations. His career ranges from being a Founder in two startups (virtual reality head mounted displays and game systems and wearable computers) to Corporate Marketing and Business Development roles focused on creating value within billion dollar companies. His corporate responsibilities included global innovation, product development, corporate strategy and M&A due diligence. He is President of Substratum Group, a startup focusing on solving the $9 billion walkway safety problem. He is a member of Cintrifuse, a Mentor for multiple startups at Uptech, and is CFO/COO for multiple startups.

He has a BSc, Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business with a focus in Entrepreneurial Finance and New Venture Strategy. He spent 11 years as a Pilot in the Royal Canadian Air Force.

He has demonstrated achievements in:

  • New Venture Strategy Development and Execution
  • Early Stage Financial Modeling
  • New Product Development and Launch
  • Classical Marketing Strategy Development and Execution
  • Corporate M&A Due Diligence


Dr. Stephen (Steve) A. Di Biase has built his career on Innovation. His greatest achievement and passion, however, has been mentoring people how to be more innovative. He is the President of Premier Insights, LLC, an innovation practice consultancy located in Chicago, an inventor with more than 30 patents, author of several books on innovation and a Vistage Chair-qualified to advise CEOs through Peer Advisory Boards.

Selected Skills

  • Ph.D. Chemistry – Pennsylvania State University.
  • Global P&L Responsibility.
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation.
  • Business Turnarounds.
  • New Business Development.
  • International Team Building.
  • New Product Development and Launch.
  • Organizational Designs.
  • M&A Due Diligence.
  • Skilled at developing business models, value propositions and go to market strategies.
  • Expertise in transforming Innovators into Entrepreneurs.

Senior executive and leadership roles in business, research, and education

  • Held roles as CSO, CTO, and VP – RD&E and VP – Emulsified Products.
  • Interim Senior VP – Human Resources.
  • Chair for advising CEOs at Vistage International.
  • 2007 Distinguished Alumni – Pennsylvania State University.
  • 2013 Elected to the St. John Fisher College Science and Technology Hall of Fame.
  • Past member of the Board of Trustees for the Mts. Union College and the Industrial Research Institute.
  • Guest Lecturer – Kellogg School of Business.
  • Adjunct Professor – Benedictine University.
  • Member of the Science Advisory Board for the Pennsylvania State University.
  • Chairman of the Lubrizol Foundation Scholarship Committee.
  • Board member of the Cleveland Area Research Directors (CARD).
  • Chairman of the Northeastern Ohio Section of the American Chemical Society.
  • Member of Cornerstone Angels Greater Chicago Area.

What’s next for VentureForge University?

There are many more courses to come in VentureForge University. In the near future we will be releasing the following courses:

  • “Founder to a CEO: An Essential Guideline.”
  • “Managing Conflict.”
  • “10 Keys to Unlock Your Innovative Self.”
  • “10 Secrets for Raising Innovative Children.”
  • “Inquiry Driven Leadership.”
  • “The Essence of Effective Organizational Designs.”

Watch for these, and other, courses as they will provide insightful lessons to better yourself and others in the workplace.