The Venture Forge Way describes how one take their ideas and creating value from them using a clearly defined, problem to be solved, for identified stakeholders using a defined value proposition meaningful to each. While this seems daunting, and it often is, some people seem to do this effortlessly. A key question to answer is this: What links are there between innovation and entrepreneurship leading to value creation at scale and can this process be standardized to appoint where it’s widely useful? We believe the answer is yes and is what we describe in “The Venture Forge Way.”

The act of making money, at scale, from an innovation converts an innovator into an entrepreneur. With the broader access to information, and its ability to inform innovators of changes to exploit creating value, has created a “new normal” for modern Entrepreneurship. This “new normal”, and with it rapid innovation, is spawning entrepreneurship on a grand scale, changing many aspects of everyday life like never before. These changes are currently described as “The Internet of Things” (IoT) which while simplest is profound in the transformation being enabled. Basically, delivering trillions of dollars of economic activity will be transformed by use of digital tools creating disruptions across the world economy. So how does an innovator, aspiring to be an entrepreneur, respond to these opportunities?

Our intent in writing this book is to describe a process, we term “The Venture Forge Way™”, by which the innovator transforms into the entrepreneur, capable of raising investments from well-defined and defensible value propositions and go to market models supported by quantitative financials analysis driven by scenario planning and well assessed assumptions. ”The Venture Forge Way™” helps customers raise funds during the most ambiguous phase of the enterprise when uncertainty and risk are the highest, a phase often referred to as “the fuzzy frontend” of the enterprise. Our method is structured by combining data and skilled professional judgment leading to options with greater probabilities of success. Our quantitative and intuitive 5-Phase process enables synergies by combining expert judgement with factual data.