The Basic 3-Step Process to Raising Innovative Children

Parenting is a full-time job and a “contact sport.” In order to successfully raise children, parents need to be innovative themselves and then actively engage the children in teaching them their innovative behaviors. This is easier than it seems because children are already innovators from birth and are taught how not to be innovative in [...]

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6 Critical Intellectual Property Questions Every Digital Startup Founder Must Ask

The Intellectual Property (IP) landscape is changing as innovation continues to evolve in form from less physical items to more digital expressions where human concepts are captured in mathematical formats. As the use of the internet continues to expand, these digital forms of value will gain larger shares of economic activity leading to new and [...]

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4 Factors For Win-Win Conflict Outcomes

In a startup, one conflict between the team can lead to a downward spiral. A conflict needs to be managed properly so the team can stay focused on the business. However, the majority of resolving a conflict relies on your own preparation; you must first understand your own ability to approach the conflict. By knowing yourself [...]

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7 Warning Signs Your Intellectual Property Strategy Needs Help

When an entrepreneur’s efforts to launch a small business include an invention, seeking patent protection may be in order. This is not always a seamless process, and there has been a disturbing trend of “patent trolls” eager to try to squeeze money out of businesses that want to avoid lengthy and costly litigation. But for small [...]

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Hiring and Firing: Why IP Strategy Is Important For Both

Most startups will start out with a small team, but the time will come when the team needs to expand. There will also be times when a member might not be performing or providing enough value and the tough decision will need to be taken to fire him or her. In both of these situations, the [...]

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4 Ways You Can Encourage Your Kids To Be More Innovative

Entrepreneurs are those that see a problem and take the opportunity to make it better. They are always analyzing different processes in our world and finding ways to make them more efficient.  But how can parents instill this mindset in their children from a young age? Parents need to encourage their kids to be curious as [...]

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3 Qualities of A Patent That Will Protect Your Startup From The Competition

Filing a patent in today's competitive world where information can easily be accessed from anywhere is common sense for startup founders. However, simply filing a patent will not necessarily protect a startup's valuable intellectual property (IP). The enforceability and breadth of the claims in each patent are the primary sources of quality. The greater the [...]

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The First Step to Managing a Conflict In a Startup

In a startup, when a team reaches a conflict due to a problem it is easy to begin to point fingers, rather than coming together and finding a solution. One of the first steps to take when approaching a conflict in a startup is to assess your own ability to solve the conflict and knowing [...]

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The 3 Key Benefits of Intellectual Property

When an entrepreneur’s efforts to launch a small business include an invention, seeking patent protection may be in order. This is not always a seamless process, and there has been a disturbing trend of “patent trolls” eager to try to squeeze money out of businesses that want to avoid lengthy and costly litigation. But for small [...]

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Children’s Creativity Stems from Playfulness: 5 Characteristics of Innovative Play

Play is a situation where a person allows others to see them for who they truly are vs. who they wish to be seen as being. Being playful enables humanity to find its inner creativity, and using this creativity as a source of innovation for creating something valuable and enduring. The best entrepreneurs are those who [...]

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A Key Step To Solving Conflicts Between Startup Founders

A lack of hard work, money, or skills is not the reason most business partnerships fail; it is the inability of founders to manage the conflict from things like ideas, personalities, and goals. One small fight can lead to bigger and bigger problems until the entire startup fails resulting in wasted time, effort and money. [...]

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6 Patent Portfolio Types That Give Your Startup a Competitive Advantage

It is common knowledge among startup founders that patents are a good way to protect key assets and processes of your company. However, in addition to protecting Intellectual Property (IP), different patent portfolio types can have varying benefits for your startup's IP strategy. Here are 6 different patent portfolio types and how they can help your [...]

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An Intellectual Property Strategy Minimizes Risk for Investors

A strong intellectual property strategy is vital for the survival of most businesses. It gives the company direction in the future, protects its key assets, increases the startup's value and can minimize risk for investors. When seeking funding from investors it is important to have no issues regarding your Intellectual Property (IP). Here are two [...]

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Is Being Aggressive the Right Intellectual Property Strategy for Your Startup?

A key component of Intellectual Property Strategy (IPS) is the patent portfolio. Building up a strong IPS with a well thought out patent portfolio pays off in the long run because it will mitigize risk for an investor and increase overall value of your startup. Patent portfolios are a significant investments and competitive weapons supporting [...]

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7 Questions That Will Help You Manage Internal Conflicts in Your Startup

In a startup, preventing damaging internal conflict within your team is crucial.  When approaching a conflict, you must first assess your ability to engage successfully (outlined in our book and course Managing Conflict), assess the situation, and determine what circumstances might influence outcomes. Several steps need to be taken to successfully manage conflict in order to [...]

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Passion leads to Success: 10 Questions to Help Discover Your Passion

One of the key elements of a successful entrepreneur and founder is being passionate for what you are doing. Finding your passion is something, if developed early on, can be very useful in the future. For example, discovering your passion for coding can one day turn into a successful consulting business. But how can someone determine their [...]

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Trade Secrets vs Patents: Which Strategy is Better For Your Startup?

Most startup founders know that protecting the unique processes and technologies of their company is essential to being successful. However, not many founders know the correct strategy to protect their IP. A strong intellectual property strategy which shows a clear direction of your startup minimizes risk for investors and increases your business's value. Of the [...]

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Three Reasons the Scientific Method Teaches Children to be Innovators

Einstein once said "The scientific method demands you understand an observation. Evidence of this understanding is you can explain the observation easily and simply."  The scientific method is proven and is easy for children to learn and use. This teaches them to be systematic about becoming more innovative. It readily aligns with their learning styles [...]

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9 Behaviors That Can Cause Your Startup to Fail

No matter how strong an idea your startup has, proper execution from your team is what leads to success. However, one conflict between team members, if not handled properly, can bring down your entire startup. Most people react differently to conflict, but there are some behaviors that can lead to a conflict never being solved or [...]

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5 Startup Patent Strategies to Minimize Risk and Increase Value

When a startup is evaluated by an investor many different factors are looked at, but a strong Intellectual Property (IP) strategy signals a direction for the startup which can minimize risk and increase value. A conversation about IP is beneficial but many founders do not know where to start. Here is a list of 5 [...]

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4 No-Cost Steps to Protecting a Startup’s Intellectual Property

  A startup's Intellectual Property (IP) is often a distinctively valuable and critical asset to its business. It's worth taking affirmative and thoughtful measures to protect it. Strong IP strategy can lead to a higher valuation and minimize investor risk when evaluating a startup. Having an IP strategy is a differentiator when talking to potential investors. [...]

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The First Secret for Entrepreneurs to Raise Innovative Children

Parenting is a full-time job and a “contact sport.” In order to successfully raise children, parents need to be innovative themselves and then actively engage the children in teaching them their innovative behaviors. This is easier than it seems because children are already innovators from birth and are taught how not to be innovative in [...]

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5 Steps to Reducing Conflict in a Startup

A startup needs to function as a healthy workspace to be successful. Conflicts, big and small, will always occur but can't be allowed to linger. One conflict in a small company can lead to a snowball effect leading to bigger and bigger problems. Tackling the problem early on is necessary. However, not many people know [...]

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Patent Intent – Filing Patents Without Wasting Investor Money

Before investors give your startup money, they will evaluate their investment risk and potential return. A startup founder with an intellectual property (IP) strategy makes that evaluation easier. A firm’s IP strategy and planned tactics describe the actual use of resources, for example, money, employee time, and project resources supporting the patent portfolio. The strategy and [...]

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Startup Founders – How to Signal Value to Investors

Investors want to minimize their investment risk and maximize their return. Having an intellectual property (IP) strategy is one way to signal investors you are a good investment. Your primary asset is your IP. Develop an IP strategy early for your startup.  Don’t make the mistake of failing to protect your IP because your startup doesn’t have money. Use your [...]

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4 Steps to Managing Conflict in a Startup

We have all heard the phrase "a great idea is nothing without proper execution." Execution includes many factors, but working together and resolving issues quickly is vital to growing your startup; a broken team will work inefficiently and can potentially lead to the failure of the company. Use these 4 steps to manage conflict in [...]

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6 Steps to a Great Conversation Between Investors and Founders

In this day and age when everyone is looking to create the next big thing, protecting unique processes and products is a crucial step to differentiate a company. Many entrepreneurs recognize the need to build a strong Intellectual Property portfolio, but many shy away from the challenge due to budgeting or lack of know how. [...]

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4 Important Factors to Increase and Secure Your Start-Up’s Value

When securing a company's position in the marketplace, an important step many founders ignore is creating a competitive Intellectual Property strategy. The Intellectual Property of your company is more than filing for a patent, copyright, or trademark;  Intellectual Property includes a well thought out approach which can mean the difference between a successful company and a company [...]

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Are you an early-stage startup Founder? Three things that will help a VC decide to invest in you.

In December, 2016 Steve Kaplan (Chicago Booth), Will Gornall (UBC Sauder), Paul Gompers (Harvard), Ilya Strebulaev (Stanford) published a paper called “How Do Venture Capitalists Make Decisions?”. They surveyed 885 institutional VCs at 681 firms to learn how they make decisions across eight areas: Deal sourcing Investment selection Deal structure Post-investment value-added Exits Internal firm [...]

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How investors assess your startup

This is a pdf of the information provided by Dr. Stephen Kaplan of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Its the OUTSIDE-IMPACTS framework taught at the business school and used in the New Venture Challenge. FYI, the NVC is rated the #3 accelerator in the United States due to its success in launching [...]

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OUTSIDE-IMPACTS – How do Investors evaluate your startup?

Here's the PPT by Dr. Steve Kaplan. He presented this presentation in Cincinnati in 2015. startups

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Why Take an Online Course (vs. buying a book)?

A critical marketing question of any online course is: Why pay money taking an online course when you can buy the books on the topic and learn by reading them? The answer is: Concurrently utilizing multiple learning methods increases the person’s retention ability for any given material. The Venture Forge online courses intentionally using at [...]

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Remaining Relevant: Effective Continuing Education

Remaining Relevant:  Effective Continuing Education Important questions employees need to answer, for themselves, in today’s business world are: Do employees need continuing education, education past their formal schooling, to remain relevant to their employers and the market generally? Assuming the answer is yes, then why and in what form, does this education take? What constitutes [...]

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Why VentureForge as Your Startup Intellectual Property Partner?

What are we selling and why they should buy it? Intellectual property is a critical element of every firm’s valuation which strongly suggests that the firm have a methodology for diagnosing its intellectual property condition and responding to it appropriately. A question every business leader should ask is: How does your firm manage and utilize [...]

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A Tale of a Founder’s (and Investor’s) Nightmare: Not a Fairy Tale

A Tale of a Founder's (and Investor’s) Nightmare: Not a Fairy Tale You’re an aspiring entrepreneur and have just recognized a major change in the market that you have a unique response to yielding a substantial business opportunity. It’s your “dream come true” but then you discover another firm has also observed this opportunity and is [...]

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Why Founders Need an Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy

Why bother with Intellectual Property (IP) when there is so much else to do? Founder’s Point of View Theft prevention Protects the Firm’s most valuable assets using “The Rule of Law.” Signals quality. Facilitates access to financing and helps startups overcome the liabilities of newness. Boosts market share. 90 percent of the world’s smartphone makers [...]

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Glass Manufacturing Industry Council’s (GMIC) Becoming more Innovative

On July 26, 2016 Dr.Stephen (Steve) A. Di Biase was a guest speaker at the Glass Manufacturing Industry Council's (GMIC) executive committee meeting where he was requested to offer some tips on how a person can become more innovative. Steve focused on the "10 Keys to Unlock Your Innovative Self" available from Amazon, or,: [...]

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It’s World Intellectual Property Day and VentureForge is celebrating with an educational offer

It's World Intellectual Property Day!!! The first 10 people to sign up today for the VentureForge mailing list will receive for free the $199 "Intellectual Property Strategy for Startups" course launching on May 21st that includes a 6-hour, web-based course and a hard copy of the 114-page book "Intellectual Property: A Handbook for Startups" by Dr. Stephen Di Biase, [...]

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Intellectual Property Strategy and VentureForge University

If you're a startup Investor or run an accelerator or incubator do your Founders have a solid IP strategy? If they don't, you haven't minimized your investment risk. Dr. Stephen Di Biase's recent book, "Intellectual Property Strategy: A Handbook for Startups" is now available. VentureForge University will soon be launching it's first course on May [...]

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Do you have an IP strategy for your startup? Check out the IP Workshop presented by Dr. Stephen Di Biase, PhD

What's your IP strategy? Do you even have one? Did you know that you should? What do you tell your Investors about one of the most important parts of value creation in your startup? What is a tech startup’s most valuable asset? It’s not the seed money. It’s not the workspace. And it’s definitely not [...]

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Dr. Steve Di Biase’s new book “Intellectual Property: A Handbook for Startups” is now availableD

Dr. Steve Di Biase's new book is available at:

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Dr. Steve Di Biase presents seminar on February 19th at 1871 in Chicago on Innovation

Contact 1871 if you're interested in attending. Leveraging Intellectual Property: A Handbook for Startups  with Stephen (Steve) A. Di Biase   OVERVIEW: Intellectual property, while critically important to startups, is often not high on the Founders agenda and can be lost in the chaos of other activities. My intent in preparing this workshop is to help [...]

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Dr. Steve Di Biase holds Innovation seminar

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Primer on Intellectual Property – Part 4

My text by the above title is approaching publication hopefully by February 18th. The following is the 4th "Primer" from the text  which will be available from and my website I hope you find this curated information  useful. Tactical Considerations Your primary asset is your IP. Protect it before you do anything else. IP Assignment [...]

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Primer on Intellectual Property – Part 3

“IP has the shelf life of a banana.”                                                                         ~ Bill Gates ~ Defining Intellectual Property (IP)   My approach to [...]

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Primer on Intellectual Property – Part 2

A coherent IP strategy must be both multi-dimensional and customized supporting specific business outcomes. Ideally, one basic approach to managing patent IP can be applied across the business while allowing for customized approaches and strategies to be employed for trade secrets, know-how, trademarks and other forms of  IP. This philosophy in then embodied in procedures [...]

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VentureForge says cash is more important than your mother

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE VENTUREFORGE SAYS CASH IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR MOTHER CINCINNATI, OH – November 21, 2015 – Every founder knows that in a startup cash is more important than your mother (sorry Moms). With the release of their new book “The VentureForge Way – Funding Your Startup” VentureForge announces today that for the rest of November [...]

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A Primer on Intellectual Property

PROTECTION – INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) STRATEGIES        “Intellectual property has the shelf life of a banana"   ~ Bill Gates ~ Before you can protect your company’s IP, you must identify it. Talk to your employees and take an inventory of any creative works (copyrights) your company owns, whether such works are used [...]

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2015 M&A activity nearing an all-time record

Corporate M&A article by Ernst & Young   With mergers and acquisitions in 2015 nearing an all-time record, the 13th Ernst & Young Global Capital Confidence Barometer finds US corporate executives both leveraging the opportunities a thriving deal market brings and exercising prudence. Nearly three-fourths of our US respondents (74%) report M&A plans in the next year. [...]

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“Startup Playbook” by Sam Altman

Sam Altman published a "Startup Playbook" available at the link below. We like it. Sam Altman Playbook

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Should you go for Market Share or go for Profit? What decision would you make?

You're a startup in a fast growing market.  Maybe you're one of those food delivery companies, maybe you're going to compete against Amazon. What strategy decisions do you make? Here's what HBR thinks: Get Big or Make Money?

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David Collette is seeing some great startups forming at UpTech

David Collette is working with several startups at UpTech. He is reporting to VentureForge that there are several interesting companies forming in Kentucky. Take a look at what's going on across the river.   UpTech Startup List

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UpTech is a great Accelerator

If you want to apply to a tech accelerator we highly recommend UpTech   UpTech

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Cincinnati Startup Weekend is coming

If you are a budding entrepreneur make sure to sign up for Startup Weekend. It's a great place to meet like-minded people. You never know, you may leave as a Founder. #startupcincy Startup Weekend Cincinnati

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The Innovation Imperative: Innovate or Die

Companies depend on innovation for their long-term survival, yet the innovation process is plagued with uncertainty, risk, surprise and failure. In US-based companies, more than 90% of all innovation initiatives are either abandoned or fail, costing Fortune 1,000 firms alone nearly $80 billion per year. Fortunately, innovation doesn’t have to be a chance occurrence or [...]

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